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The Top 5 Cessna interior upholstery companies in the USA

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These companies are recognized for their expertise in Cessna interiors, quality of work, range of services, and customer satisfaction. It’s worth noting that while some companies specialize exclusively in aircraft interiors, others like Air Sew, Wipaire and Yingling Aviation offer additional services such as maintenance and exterior work, which can be convenient for owners looking for comprehensive aircraft services.

  • Air Sew – Based in Sky Park, Utah, Air Sew offers high-value, affordable options for Cessna interior upholstery. They specialize in aviation upholstery and interior services, providing personalized interiors with expert craftsmanship. Air Sew stands out for their commitment to clear communication, fixed costs, and strategic airport partnerships, making them an excellent choice for those seeking quality work at competitive prices https://air-sew.com (385)-595-6002
  • Airtex Interiors
    Airtex is one of the most trusted names in aircraft interiors, specializing in seat upholstery for various aircraft models, including Cessna. They offer complete upholstery replacement sets tailored for specific Cessna models, using high-quality materials that meet FAA standards.

  • Wipaire
    Located in Minnesota, Wipaire offers custom interior services for various aircraft, including Cessnas. They provide everything from small repairs to complete interior renovations, with a focus on both utility and luxury. Their team specializes in custom work, including cabin layouts, fabrics, and leathers.

  • Yingling Aviation
    Based in Wichita, Kansas, Yingling Aviation is known for quality aircraft interior refurbishment, particularly for Cessna aircraft. They offer a range of services from simple updates like new carpets and seat leather to complete interior overhauls. Their team works closely with customers to create custom designs that suit individual styles and budgets.

  • Aviation Creations
    This company specializes in custom aircraft interiors, including those for Cessna aircraft. They offer premium leather interiors, custom-designed seats, trim panels, and carpets. Aviation Creations stands out for its wide range of leather options (over 400 types) and in-house perforation capabilities for unique styling.

  • AeroPlus Interiors
    Located at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas, AeroPlus Interiors is an FAA Certified Repair Station that provides services ranging from partial to complete interior refurbishments for private and corporate aircraft, including Cessnas. They have been in business for over 30 years and are known for their quality work and competitive pricing.

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