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What specific materials are approved under FAR Part 25 for aircraft interiors?

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Based on the search results, here are some key points about materials approved under FAR Part 25 for aircraft interiors:

Materials must meet the flammability requirements specified in FAR 25.853 and Appendix F to Part 25. This includes passing vertical burn tests, heat release tests, and smoke emission tests depending on the specific application.

  • Common approved materials include:
  • Flame-resistant fabrics and leathers for seat upholstery
  • Fire-retardant foams for seat cushions
  • Flame-resistant carpeting
  • Fire-resistant plastics for interior panels, partitions, and stowage bins
  • Fire-resistant insulation materials

  • Specific materials that are often used and meet requirements:
  • Nomex and other aramid fibers for seat covers and carpets
  • Polyimide foams for seat cushions
  • Phenolic resins for interior panels
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastics for larger interior components
  • Flame-retardant treated wool/nylon blends for upholstery

Materials must be tested and certified to meet the FAR 25 requirements. Manufacturers provide burn certificates and test data for approved materials.

For some applications, materials meeting automotive standard FMVSS 302 may be acceptable, especially for older aircraft under Part 91 operations.

Aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus maintain lists of approved materials that meet their own standards, which align with FAR 25.

New innovative materials can be approved if they pass the required flammability tests and certification process.

The specific requirements depend on the location and application within the aircraft interior. More stringent standards apply to larger surface area components.

The key is that any material used must be tested and certified to meet the applicable flammability standards in FAR 25.853 and Appendix F for its specific use in the aircraft interior. Manufacturers and suppliers provide documentation of compliance for approved materials.

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