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Aviation Upholstery and Interiors

Air Sew stands as a distinguished provider of premium airplane upholstery services, operating primarily in the northern regions of Utah. As a company, Air Sew remains committed to the maintenance of high standards in aircraft interior refurbishment, merging style and comfort with practicality and durability. With a track record of servicing both small aircrafts and large commercial airlines, the company has honed a reputation for exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, contributing to enhanced inflight experiences. 

Old Planes. New Tricks.

Reimagine your flying experience with Air Sew.  Turn your outdated interior into something new based in comfort, design, and modernization. 

We offer 1000’s of FAR rated design and personalization options for certified and experimental aircraft. 

Aviation Interiors and Upholstery

We strive to be the best aviation interior and upholstery provider for private aircraft in the United States

Our mission is to provide a high quality interior as well as a high quality client experience.  Air Sew uses premium materials, industrial design, and innovation to bring your plane back to life. 

At Air Sew, we are committed to elevating your aviation experience through exceptional upholstery craftsmanship and unparalleled service. We understand that the details matter, especially in the world of aviation, where comfort meets luxury and functionality meets aesthetics.

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about us

Heritage & History Of Air Sew

Nestled in the heart of Bogotá, Colombia, where the art of leatherwork and upholstery is a revered tradition, Air Sew’s story begins with the skilled hands of our forebears. Three generations ago, our family embarked on a journey of craftsmanship, mastering the art of transforming leather and fabrics into works of beauty and durability. This journey, founded on the principles of hard work, exceptional skill, and an unwavering commitment to quality, laid the foundation for what Air Sew would become.

In the bustling workshops of our grandparents in Bogotá, the hum of sewing machines and the scent of leather became symbols of our family’s dedication to their craft. They were not just creating furniture or accessories; they were instilling life into materials, infusing each piece with a story of passion and meticulous attention to detail.

As the torch passed to the next generation, our parents expanded upon this legacy, embracing innovation while honoring tradition. They recognized that the essence of craftsmanship lies not only in preserving the old ways but also in embracing the new, always striving for improvement and excellence.

Today, at Air Sew, we stand on the shoulders of these giants. Our roots in Bogotá’s rich heritage of leather work and upholstery are not just a part of our history; they are the essence of our identity. We bring this legacy to the skies, specializing in aviation upholstery that reflects the depth of our heritage and the breadth of our expertise.

Our commitment goes beyond just crafting seats or interiors; it’s about creating an experience, one that pays homage to our past while soaring towards the future. Each stitch we make, each design we conceive, carries the legacy of our forebears, a testament to their enduring influence on our craft.

In every thread, in every curve, the spirit of Bogotá’s skilled artisans lives on. At Air Sew, we are more than just a company; we are a family, a tradition, a living bridge connecting the past, present, and future of upholstery craftsmanship.

Join us on this journey, where tradition meets innovation, and experience the unparalleled quality born from generations of passion and expertise.


Aircraft Interior and Restoration

Advantages Air Sew Can Offer

Being based out of Sky Park in Woods Cross UT brings a convenience to our clients for on field removal and installation. 

Airfield Fly In/Fly Out

Super convenient fly-in/fly-out options for your interior restorations. 

Time Frame

Reliable, on-schedule service ensures minimal downtime for your aircraft.

Proven Skills

Leverage generations of craftsmanship for unparalleled upholstery excellence.


Trust in a legacy of excellence and customer satisfaction in aviation upholstery

Fixed Cost

Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees for your upholstery needs.

Client Communication

Benefit from consistent, clear updates throughout the service process.

Airport Partnerships

Access convenient services through strategic airport collaborations

Material & Design Options

Choose from a wide range of premium materials for customized luxury.


Available flexible financing options to accommodate your budgetary needs. Ask for details. 

Aviation Upholstery and Interior Services

Air Sew specializes in aviation upholstery and interior services, offering bespoke craftsmanship and a wide selection of premium materials. Our services are enhanced by strategic airport partnerships, flexible financing, and a commitment to clear communication and fixed costs. With a legacy of excellence, we ensure your aircraft interior embodies luxury and comfort, tailored to your preferences and needs

Airplane Seat Restoration

Air Sew excels in airplane seat restoration, revitalizing your aircraft’s comfort and style with expert craftsmanship, premium materials, and a dedication to detail, ensuring seats look and feel luxurious

Airplane Interior Restoration

Air Sew transforms your aircraft with expert interior restoration, utilizing premium materials and skilled craftsmanship to rejuvenate aesthetics, comfort, and value, tailored to your unique specifications and style.

Personalized Interiors

Experience personalized interiors with Air Sew, where your unique vision meets our expert craftsmanship. Tailor your aircraft’s ambiance with luxurious, customized designs that reflect your style and preferences

Jet Interior Restoration

Experience transformative jet interior restoration with Air Sew, where timeless craftsmanship meets modern luxury, revitalizing your aircraft’s ambiance with unparalleled quality and personalized design excellence.

Airplane Headiiners

Air Sew’s airplane headliner restoration revitalizes your aircraft’s interior, blending expert craftsmanship with top-quality materials to restore beauty and functionality, ensuring a luxurious, like-new cabin atmosphere

Airplane Floors

Air Sew revitalizes airplane floors, expertly restoring them to pristine condition with durable, high-quality materials, ensuring enhanced aesthetics and longevity for your aircraft’s interior


1972 Piper Arrow

South Valley Airfield - U42

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Air Sew

High Quality Airplane and Aviation Upholstery

Air Sew leverages its strategic location near major airfields in northern Utah to offer prompt and efficient services, ensuring minimum downtime for aircraft. The company’s ethos revolves around the core principle of customer satisfaction, achieved through a mix of quality craftsmanship, customization capabilities, and commitment to delivering projects on schedule. Therefore, Air Sew signifies a reliable choice for clients seeking top-tier aircraft upholstery services.

Other Air Sew Services

Beyond upholstery, Air Sew provides comprehensive interior refurbishment, custom cabinetry, flooring solutions, and personalized design consultations to transform your aircraft’s interior into a bespoke masterpiece.

Flight Jackets

Discover personalized luxury with Air Sew’s custom flight jackets, crafted to reflect your unique style. Enjoy premium materials, bespoke designs, and exceptional craftsmanship for a distinctive aviation statement

Custom Luggage

Experience personalized travel with Air Sew’s custom flight luggage, designed to blend style, durability, and functionality, tailored to complement your aviation lifestyle and preferences. Elevate your journey with bespoke elegance

Aircraft Canopy Covers

Experience bespoke protection with Air Sew’s custom canopy covers, designed to safeguard your aircraft with precision-fit, durable materials, tailored to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring lasting care and aesthetics.

Air Sew News & Blog

Explore Air Sew News and Blog for the latest trends, insights, and innovations in aviation upholstery. Stay informed with expert tips, success stories, and updates on our services and projects

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